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Women's underskirt

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Women's half slip

The half-slip is the basic element of women's wardrobe very useful for various dresses or pencil skirts, as well as flared for any occasion. The half-protector protects against light in the case of delicate, ethereal dresses, as well as protects against electrification and gives the perfect shape to the creation. Half-slip made of high quality materials will ensure that even while in motion, the dress will not lose its appearance. The petticoat can be made of transparent delicate and pleasant to the touch female mesh body, or viscose silk.

Half-slips have long been worn by our grandmothers

In both cases, the half-slip will provide a feeling of pleasant coolness and freedom, which positively affects the delicate skin of a woman. By putting on a half-slip under a dress or skirt, we are sure that nothing will wrinkle or pull up or electrify. The whole will look perfect.

Half slips made of viscose, which are delicate and invisible under the clothes, are invisible and carefully made and give the elegant character. Half slips are also available in the modeling version. Ladies who like to wear matching skirts or dresses should obtain this type of half-slip, because thanks to this type of half-slips you can effectively mask small flaws of the figure and emphasize feminine beauty. In addition, the seamless finish of the half slip makes it completely invisible under a fitted dress or skirt. Elegant lace panties can be worn under the slip.

Half slips are usually available in base colors, i.e. black and beige, but also in many others. A good choice are viscose half slips, which are very pleasant to the touch, light and breathable. The half-boots work well both in summer and winter. Each evening creation thanks to the half-cup will look very impressive, emphasize the beauty of the figure and a well-chosen one will serve for many years.

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