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Women's Thongs

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Women's thongs

Women's thong is a type of underwear that is invisible under tight clothing and under leggings. Thongs expose the buttocks, because between them there is (usually) only a string. They have a low waist and uncover their hips, which is why women who like to sunbathe love this type of women's underwear exceptionally. The very name from English refers to "strings". On the front they usually have a triangular piece of material. Thongs reveal virtually the entire bottom - best suited for women who have nice buttocks and narrow hips.

Usually the side straps are thin, but wide straps appear more and more often and thus you can hide possible body shortcomings. small sides on the sides. Thanks to the wide straps, the material will not be visible on the hips.

Thongs can also be in a laser cut version. Many ladies have them in their wardrobe.

Thongs and nightgowns are a perfect and extremely seductive combination.
Thongs are recommended not only for women with a slim figure and long legs. Ladies with a little more body and short legs can also feel seductive, because the thong is heavily cut, reveal a lot and optically lengthen the legs.

The most popular colors and types of thongs purchased by women:

- black thong

- red thong

- beige thong

- seamless thong

- Brazilian thongs

- lace thong

Women's thong as a gift for your loved one

Most men decide to buy their partner's thongs for various occasions, thus wanting to please themselves. Many of them wonder where to buy women's thongs? A great idea is to combine a thong with a garter belt. In our online store you will buy the whole set.

Every woman tries to look nice and sexy for her partner. Underwear in this case plays one of the most important roles. We all know that men like women with nice bare buttocks. Accordingly, thongs are an excellent construction of sexy and alluring underwear.

Thongs are a type of panties that discover a lot and do not cover much, and made only of lace are extremely feminine, alluring and sexy, are very much liked by partners. Thong is underwear designed for sensual women who like sexy and scanty lingerie.
Thongs may also appear in a cotton version. In turn, this type of thong is intended for women who appreciate classic and simplicity.
Thongs have a variety of colors ranging from black to light as well as other colors, they can also have different designs, for example, fine floral motifs. The latter are addressed to young girls and are often comfortable thongs to use. use cookies