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Women's sports top

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Women's sports top

A sports top is a type of sportswear that is essential in a woman's wardrobe.
In combination with sports pants, leggings or shorts, it is an excellent set for practicing sports, for example jogging, bicycle or gym. An alternative to sports shirts are tops combined with a mesh, it is a suggestion for hot summer evenings.

Sports shirts and tops are made of high quality materials, breathable, pleasant for the female body. Sports shirts should be chosen for sports activities such as running or cycling, or general fitness. At the same time, pay attention to the materials from which the tops are made so that they absorb sweat well and drain it out to provide us with the greatest comfort during use.

For undemanding fitness women looser T-shirts are recommended, under which you can wear a sports short top. This undershirt will guarantee freedom of movement and comfort when worn and used. For fitness, we usually recommend ladies wear a top in combination with shorts or matching cotton leggings.

T-shirts with prints are an inseparable element of everyday wardrobe

T-shirts are usually in uniform multicolored colors, among others, basic black and white and more intense, they have different sizes and styles. They can be decorated with various applications smaller or larger. They are made of high quality materials and thus are durable, resistant to frequent washing, pleasant to the touch, comfortable and convenient in everyday use. T-shirts near the neck are usually finished in a semi-circle or in V-neck or the letter V, such a finish optically lengthens the neck and figure. T-shirts with the addition of lycra fiber fit well to the body, shape the silhouette giving the silhouette femininity, while looser shirts mask the flaws of the figure. A sports shirt is the basis in our wardrobe. use cookies