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Women's Shorts

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Women's shorts

Shorts are a kind of panties, which sensationally emphasize the advantages of a female figure. Shorts called boxers are built-in, they adhere tightly to the body and cover the whole buttocks. They are comfortable and very feminine thanks to various designs. This cut is addressed to women with big ass because it holds the buttocks well in one place and gives the impression that they become elastic. This type of panties is extremely comfortable. I am suitable for sports outfit and pants, e.g. jeans, as well as dresses and elegant skirts.

For elegant dresses, we suggest putting on glossy shorts, made of delicate materials. Shorts are most often laser-finished, so they are not visible from under fitted clothing, e.g. leggings or matching dresses or skirts.

Sleeping shorts are also popular, this type of pajamas is comfortable and universal, they can be combined with, for example, tops.

Who should wear shorts?

Shorts are not suitable for ladies with short legs, due to the fact that they have legs and additionally shorten the legs. Shorts should be well chosen, because they should give the impression as if they were not on the body, should not leave clear marks on the body, because it would mean that they are too tight. But despite this, they should slightly compress the body, giving the shape of the bottom. Shorts can also be made of elastic delicate lace, which guarantees that they will not be visible under clothing, and thus give a woman sex appeal and more femininity.

Every woman who values ​​classics, simplicity, convenience and comfort should be in possession of this type of panties. Shorts are a great idea for a gift, for example for Christmas or a birthday. Gentlemen often wonder where to buy shorts? Our store offers several fashionable and practical models. Certainly it will make a lot of joy because every woman likes to be in possession of comfortable and sexy underwear that perfectly emphasizes the buttocks. Shorts are a type of panties that come in a variety of colors ranging from black to white, beige and many more. Washed at the right temperature of 40 degrees, they do not stretch and do not change their original appearance.

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