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Women's shirt

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Women's T-shirt

A T-shirt is the piece of clothing that is worn over the head. T-shirts and tops are suitable for everyday use. They are often made of cotton combined with lycra fiber. This combination effectively shapes the body and masks its imperfections. T-shirts and tops can be combined with pants, skirts, shorts, and also worn under jackets for various occasions, for sports and elegance. High-quality cotton, which is combined with Lycra fiber, ensures comfort of use around the clock.

T-shirts and tops can be divided into several types:

long sleeve shirts
tops with thin straps
tops with thin straps with double lining, supporting the bust
tops with wide straps

Women's top is a fitted blouse with straps. It can be thin or wide. Ideally exposes the feminine neckline and V-shaped lengthens the neck. It also exposes the shoulders, nicely emphasizes the waist and bust. Women's top can also have various types of applications. Tops with thicker straps are an ideal base for jackets and sweaters or a shirt. The fitted top with straps will work during workouts. Cotton fiber that is pleasant to the touch and airy will provide comfort during exercise. Women's tops can be combined with lace on the neckline and in combination with a fitted skirt and jacket create the perfect set for evening meetings. A black top and undershirt should be in every woman's wardrobe, as it is the basis for everyday clothes.

T-shirts can come in different colors, while the base is black and white

Other colors are perfect for various sports combinations, for example: short or long fitted pants. However, tops on thin straps with double cotton lining from the inside finished with a thicker elastic band are designed for ladies with large breasts because they support it perfectly. This version of the top is perfect for playing sports in conjunction with sports leggings, for example for cycling, as it is an additional protection for the breast. You can put on a soft bra under the shirt. use cookies