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Women's garter belt

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Women's garter belt

Garter belt is a very important element of the set of women's underwear. It is used to support stockings, it works perfectly well. It is a sensual complement to a bra, figs or thong. It is usually made of transparent, delicate and sexy mesh or lace. It is often fastened at the waist or waist with three adjustable hooks, while the four thin straps support the stockings well, they are adjustable and allow you to adjust to the female figure. Stripes can be decorated with small bows. Garter belt is an extremely sensual feminine gadget. Garter belts built of lace, usually with a high-floral motif, allow you to support your belly and shape your figure. They are perfect for everyday use, also for special occasions. They are strong and durable and at the same time very sexy.

Retro stripes

Garter belts can also be inspired by the 1950s retro style. At the present time, retro models are back. Such belts are most often made of microfiber with a large amount of lycra fiber. They are used to slim the waist and hips. The belt is reinforced with metal underwires. This belt does not stand out from under the clothing, because it is made of smooth microfiber.
Garter belt is a very ingenious and sensual gift that a man can make to a woman. It is a seductive and feminine accessory pleasant to men's eyes. Garter belts are real advantages in the art of seduction. use cookies