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Women's body

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Women's body

Body is a type of flexible, one-piece and tight-fitting women's underwear worn to, among others skirts and trousers. Bodysuits are extremely popular among women, it is due to the fact that they have many advantages, among others they are great on the body and look very attractive - of course well-chosen. Thanks to their cut, the body stays in place, they do not move and they perfectly shape the figure, covering our minor shortcomings.

Body can be divided into several types:

-body with a stiffened bra with lace on the buttocks
-body with turtleneck
-body with a turtleneck
-body lace
- mesh body

Body can be a substitute for a blouse, but you can also wear them under clothing

It all depends on what it is made of. Slippery, shaping body is definitely underwear that should be hidden under clothing. Lace bodysuits are sexy and will look great as part of the evening styling.
Body with a stiffened bra with a full bowl are designed for women with large breasts, they can be put on matching dresses, trousers and under the jacket as an elegant blouse. They have adjustable straps.

Body with turtleneck and turtleneck in combination with a fitted knee skirt plus a jacket create a spectacular set.
The body combined with the mesh can be worn with jeans and a leather jacket. In turn, such a combination creates a rock image.
However, lace bodysuits are very sensual, they reveal fragments of the woman's body, including shoulders and neckline.
Body perfectly match the body, most often in black, beige, white and red. Every woman who values ​​good looks should be in their possession. use cookies