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Women's bathrobe

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A bathrobe is soft viscose or cotton underwear for everyday use, which protects us in the morning against the cold and envelops our bodies with warmth. It is an addition to pajamas, T-shirts or nightgowns, shorts with T-shirts on straps. Bathrobes also come in a warmer version made of terry. Bathrobes are usually tied around the waist with a wider strap. It is a kind of coat without buttons, or with a zipper. It has two pockets that are recessed on the side or sewn on. Some bathrobes have a hood with different motifs like: mice, dogs. They envelop us in their warmth.

Viscose bathrobes are very effective, elegant, soft and pleasant to the touch and for the female body. They are most often combined with a wide lace on the sleeves or bottom. They are addressed to this group of women who value elegance and love pretty, elegant, sexy and extraordinary lingerie. Combined with sexy lingerie, it creates an impressive set for shared evenings with a partner with a glass of good wine. A bathrobe is the perfect gift for a beloved woman.

Each of us after a day dreams about coming home, putting on a bathrobe and feeling comfortable

Terry bathrobes are a warmer version that envelops our bodies. It is made of a soft-touch soft material that can be used not only after bathing, but also as a comfortable home clothing. Loose fit ensures comfort of use and freedom of movement. It is very light and very comfortable. These robes, in turn, are addressed to women who value warmth and comfort after a long day of work. Bathrobes can be in basic colors or they can be multi-colored with various applications and patterns. The bathrobe absorbs water very well, drains our bodies after a shower or a hot bath. Bathrobes washed at an appropriate temperature in accordance with the instructions on the label do not change their original shape and do not stretch. use cookies