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Soft cotton bra

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Soft cotton bra

Soft cotton bras are made of high-quality cotton, pleasant to the touch, pleasant for the female body. High-quality cotton is breathable, which is why the body does not sweat and breathe. Soft cotton bra does not have stiffeners and is very comfortable to use, does not hurt, does not leave marks on the body. Gives maximum wearing comfort. It's very comfortable. Cotton bras can be combined with lace on the bowls in the upper part. This lace gives the bra elegance and chic. At the same time, it is very delicate, elastic, fits very well on the breasts, does not cut the bust.

A cotton bra most often has a floral motif of various sizes. The braces in this bra are adjustable so that the bra can be adapted to the female figure, the width of the braces is adjusted to the size of the bust. On the back, the clasp is for two or three-stage hooks, this closure also depends on the size of the bust. The larger the bust, the wider the clasp to ensure stability. A soft cotton bra is addressed to women with larger breasts, but it also suits women with smaller breasts. Due to the fact that the soft bra is made of elastic materials, it fits nicely to the breast, giving them a beautiful round shape. In addition, it has appropriate cuts on the bowls, vertical and horizontal. Vertical cuts raise the bust up while horizontal cuts push the breasts inside. In turn, a well-chosen perimeter that is not too loose is 80 percent of success and underwired cups support the bust at the right height.

A cotton bra is one of the most comfortable and practical bra types

A well-chosen cotton bra means that the bra does not move, which happens in the case of too loose circumference, straps do not fall down, thus the bra is very comfortable and is valued above all by women who love comfort and simplicity. The material from which the bra is made due to proper use and does not pilling, does not ball, after washing at the right temperature has a long life. You can choose matching cotton panties for your bra and create a satisfying set. use cookies