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The most popular Women's Panties

Women's panties are an indispensable element of every woman's wardrobe. We can distinguish several types of women's panties because of the cut and the needs of women, which should be in a drawer with underwear. Below are the most popular types:

- classic panties
- Brazilian panties
- thong panties
- high-waisted panties
- shorts panties
- lace panties

Classic panties are the most popular type of panties for women. They can be made of cotton, lace or a transparent mesh combined with lace with a floral motif. They come in a seamless version in body color, white and black. They are suitable for matching dresses and trousers.

Another type of panties often chosen by women is Brazilian, made of lace so that a woman can feel extremely nice. It's a type of underpants that perfectly covers the buttocks entirely giving them a charming shape. Inside, the panties in the crotch are usually lined with a double layer of cotton breathable and pleasant to the female body, giving a sense of comfort and freshness throughout the day.

Tanga is a type of panties deeply cut at the back resembling thongs. Both parts combine with a high strap that is cut high above the hip. This type of panties optically lengthens the legs, giving them a charming and sexy look. Tango panties can be laser cut, or finished with a delicate elastic lace with a small or larger floral motif that straps effectively on the buttocks without cutting them.

The icing on the cake are thongs most often made of chic lace that display feminine charms and are most often purchased by men in the form of a gift that will please the eye for both partners. This type of panties combined with a sexy T-shirt will create an effective and sexy set so liked by men.

The most comfortable women's panties

High-waisted pants are very popular among women. This model pulls the stomach and shapes our figure masking the shortcomings of the female figure. At the same time, they are comfortable and always fashionable.

Another type of briefs - shorts, in some countries called boyshorts. This type of panties goes lower to the legs reminiscent of men's boxer shorts, but only the design, because they are often decorated with bows, lace and other feminine accessories. In terms of comfort, this type of panties is very comparable to a high waist.

The last and most popular model is the type of lace panties. This type is always very comfortable due to the elasticity of the lace and fit to the body. This type of figs in a set with a bra is able to affect the imagination of every man. use cookies