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Padded bra

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The padded bra perfectly lifts and shapes the bust

The padded bra is one of the most popular among many bras. A padded bra is also known as a padded bra. It is a type of bra with a reinforced structure with underwires in the cups and sides. A padded bra is designed to support the bust at the right height and shape it. The cups in the padded bras have a corset insert, e.g. polyurethane foam, or they can be made by the method of thermal forming of the cups, the so-called kick. A padded bra gives women plenty and optically enlarges the bust. This is an excellent model for women who want to enlarge their breasts and feel fully comfortable. This type of bra has two vertical and horizontal cuts. One of these cuts, and we're talking about the vertical one, raises the breasts to the right height, while the horizontal one collects the bust inwards and gives it a round apple shape. The width of the straps and fasteners is adjusted to the size, the larger the size, the wider the straps and clasp. A side-stiffened bra is usually high-built and thus perfectly conceals female imperfections, and a deep bowl covers the entire breast and nipples that are invisible under the dress or blouse. They are most often decorated with beautiful lace with various floral motifs. On the other hand, padded bras with thermoformed cups are generally smooth without any decorations, do not have any cuts and therefore arrange the breasts naturally.

Who will it be suitable for?

This type of bra is suitable for women with larger breasts, because due to its strong construction, it supports the breasts at the right height, and also for women with medium-sized breasts, because the stiff cups give the breasts a nice shape and optically enlarge them. It is very important that the bra is properly selected for the size.

What to wear a padded bra with?

This type of bra can be worn with all kinds of clothes, including formal work shirts, because it is invisible. On the other hand, for evening dresses in a cut-out neckline, a plunge bra with a lowered bridge will be the right choice, which will collect and expose the breasts well. use cookies