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Nursing bra

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Nursing bra for mothers

Anastasia mama bra is made of high quality cotton, delicate, soft and friendly to the female body. The Anastasia nursing bra cups have underwires that support breasts at the right height very well, which is very important for women after delivery due to the fact that women's breasts change their size during the day. The whalebone should cover the breast and not lie on it, as it will stick to the milk ducts.

The bra must support the bust well, because otherwise the breasts are flabby and lose their shape. Anastasia mama's bra cups are made of knitted fabric which plays a very important role due to lactation and the change in breast size throughout the day. In addition, bras have deep bowls, at the top are combined with a delicate, flexible and pleasant to the breast lace with a large floral motif. Anastasia mama feeding bra cups are detachable at the top, which are easy to detach and fasten with one hand. It is a clip on the front placed on the straps. The width of the straps is adjusted to the size of the bust. The suspenders are adjustable, which allows you to raise the bust to the right height. The Anastasia mama clasp is on two or three-stage hooks depending on the size chosen. A good choice for nursing mothers is also a feeding nighty with detachable straps at the front and bamboo panties that provide comfort and hygiene.

A well-chosen bra for feeding affects the well-being of a woman after delivery

The bra cut must be adapted to the shape, size and condition of the breast and to be worn every day or evening outings. The feeding bra for mothers after delivery must be practical and very comfortable, ensuring comfort of use throughout the day. The woman must feel attractive in the feeding bra. Therefore, to ensure her attractiveness, bras are made of elegant materials combined with laces of various motifs, because lace gives attractiveness and femininity and increases her mood. use cookies