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Non-wired bra

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How to choose a bra without underwire?

Bras without underwire are addressed to those women who particularly value comfort and comfort. Non-wired bras provide full freedom of movement. A soft bra without underwire can also be made of lace alone, delicate, pleasant and sexy. Non-wired bras can also be in a modern version and comfort is unsurpassed.

Lack of underwires will not cause breasts to fall or not support them at the right height, because the design of the cups will provide support and display the breasts nicely, give them an effective look, emphasize the shape of the breast. Non-wired bra provides comfort. Perfectly adapts to the size of the breast. Perfect for everyday use because of the softness, quality of the material and the lack of underwires. Non-wired bra can be worn by ladies with any breast size.

There are many types of non-wired bra

Non-wired bras are available in the sports version, which, despite the lack of underwires, convince with well-formed cups and anatomical fit, thanks to which they ensure optimal support even with intensive movement. In contrast, non-wired top bras are perfect for night sleep. Special materials and laces make these bras extremely pleasant to touch and delicate on the skin. Non-wired bras do not cause pressure, which can be bothersome and ensure well-being during use, are almost imperceptible when worn. Non-wired bras can also be in a seamless version and are therefore often purchased by women. The advantage of these bras here is that they adhere perfectly to the body and the lack of seams guarantees the invisibility of the bra under matching clothing. Non-wired lace bras can be decorated with delicate decorative satin bows and various stones, trinkets. Washed at the right temperature, they keep their service life. A bra without underwire in combination with well-matched women's figs creates a comfortable and attractive set. use cookies