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List of products by manufacturer Teyli

  • The Teyli brand produces and sells women's underwear and clothing.

  • Our offer includes various products, from lace panties to women's leggings. 

  • We strive to make each of our products unique, comfortable and elegant.

  • We regularly introduce new goods to our store.

We are a manufacturer of Teyli women's underwear. In February, we registered the Teyli brand in the Polish Patent Office and started our adventure related to what we love the most - women's underwear! We try to produce modern, practical, colorful, evening underwear and underwear that can surprise you. In 2019, we patented the TEYLI logo worldwide. Our goods are of high quality, sewn with care, accuracy and, above all, with passion. We send them to over 200 countries, so every woman can afford to shop in our store, regardless of where she lives.

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