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General information
We are a producer of Teyla lingerie. In February 2017, we registered the Teyli brand in UPRP and started our adventure related to what we love the most - women's underwear! We try to produce modern, practical, colorful, evening and underwear that can surprise. In 2019, we patented the TEYLI logo all over the world.

We currently have distributors both domestic and foreign. Our goods can be found on the Internet in many countries of Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa. We are open to cooperation with new companies, large wholesalers, distributors, online stores and other entities.

The beginnings ...

At the beginning, our offer included only a few models of women's figs in white and black. Today we have over 200 different constructions of women's underwear, in various colors, sizes, and made of various materials.

We offer a lot of women's panties designs:

high waisted
with low waist
made of mesh,
and many, many other designs that can surprise the most demanding women with their design. Every month, our offer is expanding with new lingerie designs from each category. In addition to the classic so-called basic offer, we have a seasonal offer, which is divided into spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

We also have a wide range of bras:

soft - soft bra,
and semi-soft - semi-padded bras,
push up bras for breast enlargement,
non-wired bras,
our bras for breastfeeding mothers with a removable cup are very popular,
as well as cotton bras from ecological materials for pregnant women.
Our customers liked the nightwear very much, which was designed by very experienced designers and from the best materials such as cotton, viscose and modal. Nightwear consists of a wide range

sleeping t-shirts
and other colorful and crazy designs that are always worn with pleasure in the evening and before sleeping.

Our offer includes such clothes as:

cotton leggings
cotton tops
viscose tops
sports tops
sleeping tops
our clothes are made of very high quality cotton and viscose, which is not transparent and suitable for walking both at home and outside.


The TEYLI company is a company with 100% Polish capital. The company is headquartered in Nowy Sącz, Lesser Poland village. Every day we work and develop ourselves to provide women with the best underwear. All company details can be found in the contact tab, where you can also find our contact details for various questions.

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