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High Waisted Panties

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High waisted panties

High-waisted pants perform a modeling and correcting function, eliminating so-called folds. They can be made, among others, of good quality cotton, which ensures maximum comfort and convenience during use throughout the day. At the inside, they are lined with a delicate two-layer material. Thanks to this, the body stays fresh throughout the whole day of use. High-waisted panties can be combined with lace, which has a decorative function. They can also be decorated on the front, sides or buttocks. Lace is usually elastic and delicate, which is why it works very well under fitted clothing. A well-chosen lace adds sex appeal while providing a sensual and alluring look.

High-waisted panties are fashionable again

Recently, men are beginning to get used to and accept panties with a higher state from their partners. That is why they are increasingly buying this fashion panties for their women for gifts for various occasions. High panties perfectly flatten the belly and act as slimming underwear, modeling the belly and figure nicely. Plus size high-waisted panties for women with more body can be laser cut at the back and thanks to that they can be put under a matching dress, pants or leggings. In contrast, high-waisted cotton panties make the body breathe, it doesn't sweat.

High-waisted panties are a type of retro panties, they are made of cotton or glossy fabrics, or with prints. They can also be combined on the sides with a delicate elegant elastic lace, pleasant for the female body, with various motifs, but usually floral. Elastic bands, which are sewn in the waist, delicate and leave no traces, do not curl, but support the panties in the right place, ensuring comfort. Each of the ladies should have this style of panties in their wardrobe. They are addressed primarily to ladies with round shapes.

High-waisted panties washed according to the tag, i.e. 40 degrees, do not stretch, thus maintaining their original appearance.

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