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Female Clothing

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Female clothing

Every woman's wardrobe is full of clothing, the most fashionable cuts and styles. We love shopping and we love to accumulate it from beautiful underwear to dresses, pants, blouses, skirts etc.

Therefore, the producer Teyli, caring for women's needs and wanting to meet them, is to offer, among others, in its offer viscose black body, smooth and pleasant to the touch and delicate, which blend well with a simple skirt or pants in various styles. Teyla's offer is very rich, in addition to classic bodies we will also find a body combined with a transparent, soft and pleasant mesh for the body. It looks very impressive and in combination with a pencil skirt and a Ramones jacket plus properly selected footwear, it creates a fantastic set for evening meetings. These bodies emphasize femininity and give sex appeal.

An alternative to the body are tops (also sports tops) on thin and thicker straps and T-shirts with the addition of lycra fiber, which adhere to the body and perfectly shape the figure. These tops and T-shirts can be worn every day for work and we will feel comfortable and comfortable in them.

Teyla offers a wide range of oversize t-shirts in various colors. Thanks to the cut, the dresses cover imperfections and give a feminine look. T-shirts are finished in a round neck around the neck and nicely display the bust.

Fashionable women's clothing is a wide and interesting topic

In addition to the body and T-shirts, Teyli offers half slips, which are the basic element of a woman's wardrobe very useful under various types of dresses or skirts, because they protect against shine. They protect against electrification giving the perfect shape to creation. To meet women, Teyli offers skirts in a simple classic cut above the knee, made of high-quality compact cotton with the addition of lycra fiber. The skirt perfectly embraces the body, giving the silhouette femininity. It does not stand out due to the high quality and thickness of the material. In combination with a mesh transparent blouse with a turtleneck, it creates a fantastic set, very feminine and effective.

Women's cotton leggings and sports leggings are also on offer. It is very comfortable and practical clothing for many occasions, for sports and elegant.

Each of the ladies will find something tailored to their taste, in style and size. All proposals are carefully prepared so that every woman feels beautiful and comfortable. use cookies