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Cotton Panties

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Cotton panties

Cotton panties are usually made of high quality cotton, which pleasantly wraps our shapes. Cotton panties with lace are popular for women who value comfort, convenience and simplicity. In the step from the inside, they are lined with a double layer of cotton to strengthen, ensuring maximum comfort during use. Cotton panties are safe for our skin and have interesting styles and, contrary to appearances, do not have to be boring. Cotton panties are underwear that is recommended to wear it every day. Cotton is breathable, it absorbs moisture well and reduces the possibility of abrasions or skin irritations. In addition to high-quality cotton, it is important to properly adjust the model to the figure in order to obtain comfort.

We divide cotton panties into:

- high-waisted panties
- tango
- shorts
- thongs
- Brazilians
- seamless

High-waisted panties mask female imperfections giving the figure a better shape. Perfect for a fitted dress. Decorated with lace with a dense floral motif, they give the panties an effective look.
Cotton tangas with lace have a bold cut, they are cut more tightly at the back and fit any type of clothes. On the side they have a thin belt and are addressed to women with a slim figure.
Shorts, in turn, have short legs and hide the entire bottom. They are invisible from under the pants.
Thongs work well under fitted clothing, because they are close to the body and do not stand out under clothing.
Cotton panties are very often in a seamless version because of such a finish does not stand out under clothing. Washed at the right temperature, they keep their original shape.

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