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Women bras

Bra is an important element in a woman's wardrobe, which plays a very important role in the appearance. A well-chosen bra gives us confidence. Bra style should be adapted to the shape of the breast and to the clothes we wear every day and for different occasions. An appropriately selected circumference is also important, which supports our breasts at the right height in 80%, thus shapes our figure.

There are several types of bras:

-half stiffened

Stiffened bras are a built-in cut that covers the entire breast. Thanks to several vertical cuts on the bowl, it supports the bust well and gives them a round shape. It is very comfortable in everyday use, but it is not suitable for deep cleavage. Half stiffened bras are finished with lace at the top and thanks to vertical and horizontal cutting they collect and lift the bust to the right height well. In turn, the bra with side panel collects the breasts very strongly inside.

Another type of bra is a soft bra made of lace. It collects and lifts very well giving breasts a sexy look. It is addressed to women with large breasts.

One of the most popular bras is a balconette, which does not cover the breast completely, exposes them nicely and lifts them well. An additional advantage is removable shoulder straps and this bra is great for open shoulders.

Strapless performs the same function, which has an additional advantage that it is suitable for deeper cleavage.

For women with smaller breasts, foam and gel push-ups are addressed, which push the bust up and collect well from the sides. Thus, they enlarge the bust and give them a natural look. This type of bra has a low bridge and is adapted to the deeper neckline.

Our offer also includes bras for mothers, which are perfect for both breastfeeding and everyday wear. use cookies