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Which fig cut should you choose to shape your buttocks

Which fig cut should you choose to shape your buttocks

Which fig cut should you choose?

Properly selected underwear is irreplaceable in body shaping, so before buying panties, it is worth considering choosing a cut and adjusting to the shape of the hips and buttocks. Buttocks are one of the greatest feminine assets. They should be taken care of and properly exposed and emphasized so that they look best on a daily basis under clothes and on evening outings for matching dresses. Pupa is the part of the body that men love in women, and so often disliked by women themselves. Does it have to be this way? Each of us should like our bottom, and in this will help us properly selected panties, because it depends on our well-being, our confidence, our perfect appearance.

The shape of a women's bottom is one of the most important femininity assets. To make its shape the greatest asset you should think about which figs should be chosen to feel more confident and sexier for yourself and tempting for your partner. The most important thing in choosing is that their cut should model the figure nicely, mask its imperfections, and in the case of the tummy cover its curves.
It is very important what materials the figs are made of. Choose figs made of breathable fabric, e.g. cotton or viscose. Synthetic fabrics are airtight and therefore the skin will not breathe and therefore we will not feel comfortable during use. It is also important that the step from the inside has a cotton lining that absorbs moisture and thus reduces the risk of bacterial growth and infection.
A significant proportion of women opt for classic figs because of their comfort and the fact that they do not cover too much or are not too scanty, and most women look very good in them and feel comfortable. Classic panties are very popular among both young girls and middle-aged women. Ladies with narrow hips and without a tummy should equip themselves with panties with a lower waist, while ladies with wider hips have a larger tummy with higher sides because they mask our folds and reduce our size. Classic figs have an optimal building width.
Another model that each of the ladies can wear are boxer shorts that do not compress the buttocks, hide them all, are looser and do not fold. And like the classic figs, the higher-variant version hides imperfections. Ladies with a firm bottom, should buy shorts with slightly longer legs that cover well.
Thongs are a cut of panties, which reveal a lot and are very sensual, usually made of lace and decorated with bows or stones. Men prefer this type of underwear. Thongs, however, are not suitable for every type of figure, because they do not shape the figure, do not keep the buttocks up. This type of panties can afford women with a very slim and shapely figure and firm ass. Thongs are most often worn by ladies in bright summer.
Ladies with an apple figure have a problem with a protruding tummy. Therefore, they should reach for high shaping panties that cover the tights and shape the abdomen. Shaping panties also reduce the bottom and keep it at the right height. Because the biggest offense is the folds piercing through the dress. Perfect for matching clothing such as a dress or skirt.
Panties, as well as other underwear should be washed at the right temperature and in appropriate washing agents in order to ensure the longest possible use and maintain a long life.

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