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Where did bras come from? - History of women's bras

Where did bras come from? - History of women's bras

The history of the bra goes back to ancient times. The history of the bra is very interesting. The first bra was made in Greece (it had a slightly different shape, but served the same function).

The first bra in Sparta in the form of a headband

Due to the breast pain experienced by women when practicing sports in Greek city-states, Sparta, among others, developed bust support bands called apodesmos (worn after clothing) strophion (worn over clothing), and their counterparts being narrow ribbons tied around the breast.

The entry of bras into Europe

In 1989, the French Herminie Cadolle developed a bra, a two-piece underwear that she called le bien-etre. The lower part was a corset, and the upper part supported the breasts with shoulder straps. The Cadolle company founded by Herminie exists to this day. As early as 1905, the upper part was sold separately as a "breast support". The modern version of the bra was patented in 1910 by Mary Phelps Jacob. She made herself a bra out of two silk handkerchiefs and a ribbon and quickly patented it. In 1953, Warnes introduced cup size designations, which are still used in the linen industry today. A revolutionary design was a bra designed in 1943 by Howard Hughes for a push-up bra for actress Jane Russel. This bra turned out to be very uncomfortable and was never worn by the actress again. Specially reinforced cups well-supported and separated the breasts. This model has become a model for contemporary models. In 1959, Lycra was invented by DuPont, which revolutionized the lingerie market and created, for the first time in history, soft, flexible bras that fit the breast.

How have bras changed over the years?

Bras have come a very long way. Nowadays, the underwear industry is highly developed and offers women many styles, colors, sizes and very interesting designs, semi-soft (i.e. semi-padded bras), soft (soft), push-up (bras for small breasts), which They enlarge the breasts and enhance them, balconette balconies, plunging, strapless dresses with open backs, without straps and with a deep neckline, and soft or padded bras for nursing mothers. Bras have underwires in the cups, which, in addition to the circumference, additionally support and shape the bust. Nowadays, each woman, depending on her needs and preferences, will find the perfect bra for herself, regardless of whether she has large or small breasts, and will certainly feel beautiful, feminine and comfortable. Every woman expresses her beauty and character through beautiful underwear. Currently, bras, compared to bras from the times of Sparta, are very comfortable and comfortable to use. An additional advantage, apart from a wide selection, is the models and colors, each of the women, regardless of the size under the breasts and the size of the breasts, can take advantage of the professional advice of a bra fitter who will determine the size and help choose the right bra. A well-chosen bra will always relieve the cervical spine, I mean a larger bust, which is a heavy burden. A well-chosen bra will raise the bust to the right height, and horizontal cuts will gather inside. A bra selected in this way will shape the silhouette and give it beautiful, feminine shapes. Nowadays, the bra is a symbol of the revolution, the aesthetic secret of femininity. Beautiful, decorated bras with decorative floral embroidery, thin satin bows increase the aesthetic value and in such a bra each of us will feel glamorous and sexy. use cookies