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What underwear to wear under transparent blouses?

What underwear to wear under transparent blouses?

With the onset of warm days, transparent blouses become a hit. However, there is a problem with what underwear to wear to look classy and elegant, not defiant. Another question we most often ask ourselves is when to wear black or colored underwear without any problems under transparent blouses? I will try to answer these questions.

How to choose underwear for transparent blouses or T-shirts?

It is worth combining transparent blouses with underwear of a similar color so that it does not catch the eye. In the case of white transparent blouses or dresses, it is good to put on a beige bra, because it blends with the color of our skin and is completely invisible. On the other hand, a white bra worn under a white translucent blouse is visible and does not look elegant. Nowadays, we most often reach for body bras. It is very important that at work, for example during a business meeting, the underwear does not stick out and is not visible, because a woman, wanting to look professional, cannot afford clearances and here it is advisable that the color of the bra should be the same color as the blouse or in related. Similarly, when going to a job interview, you should wear underwear that will not be visible from under the blouse. However, for social events or discos, you do not have to stick to these rules, you can use a contrasting combination to add character to the styling, and an elegant black bra can be worn under a transparent white blouse. However, to make it look tasty, and not vulgar, remember that the bra should not reveal too much. It is also very important that the bra is properly matched to the size of the breasts so that it shows them nicely from under the blouse. It happens quite often that the circumference of the bra is too loose and the bust falls on the stomach, deforming the figure, and too small cups cut through the breasts, and these in turn fall out of them. Remember that a bra is our second skin and if you want to expose your breasts, let's take care of a good bra in which you will feel comfortable. We often decide to buy thin blouses for very thin "mists" and here it is known in advance that each smooth or lace bra will be visible. And in this case, balconies that lift the breasts up, displaying them nicely look good. For the less daring, I suggest wearing an undershirt with thin straps.

A black bra under a white shirt?

In the times in which we currently live, virtually anything can be done and whether a black bra should be worn under a white translucent blouse, I answer, is right. Fashion trends often display underwear and emphasize it under a blouse. Lace and decorative straps are an additional advantage that makes the appearance of a woman attractive and very sexy. There are so many beautiful models on the lingerie market today that it would be a sin not to show them. We can put a black bra under see-through blouses, but let's reserve it for informal situations. As I mentioned before, for a disco, café, social gatherings, a beautiful black lace bra will look great under a white blouse. You should remember when displaying a bra from under a blouse to do it with sensitivity and taste. Another important thing when you put on a black bra or a colored bra under a white or bright blouse to make it a model that can be displayed. Such a bra should be less underwear and more impressive, decorated with small stones or bows. It should not be worn or washed out. When choosing a new blouse, we always think about whether we have the right bra under it. Nowadays, in lingerie stores you can find a bra in every shade and color and match the color of the transparent blouse.

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