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What do men think about women's panties?

What do men think about women's panties?

When walking down the street and looking at women, or were you with your partner in a cafe, at home, you wondered what underwear she was wearing? I think there are several answers to this question: "... yes, because we often have spicy thoughts ...", "... we are really wondering what the partner has dressed today and whether we have a chance ... . "," ... yes, because we hope that knowing our partner's preferences we can make her happy, and sometimes even surprise with knowing the subject ... ". It's a bit like buying flowers, but unfortunately the flowers will one day wither and they will not be useful, and the underwear especially its lower part - by all means. It's a bit selfish, but that's the truth and happiness of women sooner or later will come back to us like karma. Now that we know what and why, now let's think about HOW !!!

   How to choose the right size, type of material, colors and finally the look itself. Simple, if we go with a woman to the store and we can see for yourself, and even advise you whether in this or that better. Although we could rely on store service, it's better to see it yourself. The stairs are just appearing when we need to buy something for a gift, or we hate shopping, and what is the worst, underwear is not for our woman. Such problems can be piled up, but it is here that the aforementioned consultants in specialized stores, showrooms, and brafitting studios come to our aid. Another thing in all this color and material commotion is the fig style. Guys, after all, have their panties, panties, boxers, bikinis and not to mention the special ones. Women, on the other hand, have their panties, thongs, thongs, and even more interestingly when classic panties, brazilian briefs, shorts, erotic etc. appear etc.

Maybe one by one when it comes to types:

Briefs are the most popular cut of panties and I don't think I have a woman who would not have at least one pair of figs. They are universal, i.e. classic briefs suitable for virtually every occasion, there are also those with so-called with a high waist, sometimes enveloping too large "bellies" and the best astringent is "Space" at all. The next fairly popular type of figs are brazilians, which rank in all this between classic figs and thongs. They differ from the former in that they have strongly cut buttocks, and from the latter in that their back, however, is slightly wider.

Then appear one of the most sensual and the other in the category of popularity of types of panties which are thongs (from English. Strings). Due to the increased wearing comfort, they fit well with fitness-type sportswear, or even other types of tight clothing.

So we have classic panties, high-waisted panties, Brazilian panties, thongs, lace panties.

  Decide for yourself whether it is an element of male egoism and sexism, or do we really want women to live more comfortably and simply better. One thing is for sure a gift is better than flowers, and more diplomatic than a ring or a wedding ring (then :-))

Dear men, therefore, choose for yourself what to impress and bring joy to women.

  It remains for us to invite you to visit our stationary or online stores you will find a full range of lace panties, classic panties, Brazilian panties, thongs, shorts, high-waisted panties, cotton panties.

Published Date: 27-07-2019
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