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Types of women's panties

Types of women's panties

People from the beginning focus on improving the quality of their lives, i.e. also on creating better and better styles of clothes, including underwear.

Panties belong to the most popular category of lingerie.

We distinguish various types of panties and styles:

- Classic panties are rather low-waisted and we recommend them to slim women. Classic high-waisted panties are recommended for women who want to cover up body imperfections. Classic panties are most often bought by women because of their versatility and comfort. They are heavily built-up and hide all buttocks. They are made only of cotton or cotton combined with decorative lace.

- Brazilian panties nicely expose the buttocks without cutting them at the same time. They are comfortable to wear every day. They come in both cotton and cotton versions in combination with a decorative lace or in combination with a translucent sexy mesh. Recommended for mature women and young girls.

Cotton, from which Teyla panties and bras are made, is a high-quality material, very compact, does not see through and is ecological.

- Tango panties are sewn from two triangular pieces of material. They do not cut between the buttocks. They are deeply cut, which gives the effect of apparent leg extension. They are very effective, comfortable and suitable for everyday wear.

- Thong is a more scanty version. Thongs are usually made of very sexy lace alone. A thin strip between the buttocks adds sex appeal. This type of panties can be worn every day as well as for evening meetings. They are very effective.

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