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5 essential types of women's underwear

5 essential types of women's underwear

Every woman, regardless of age and figure, should have in her wardrobe, before starting to complete outer garments such as dresses, jeans, skirts, blouses, first, take care of underwear, which is our second skin and will provide us with an effective look in combination with the dress, thus giving a sense of self-confidence and facilitating contacts with the environment. The most important condition is, of course, well-chosen underwear, so it is worth going to a specialist for advice.

Black bra
Beige bra
Balconette bra
Panties - thongs
Among lace, fancy and colorful bras, every woman should have a classic black lingerie set, a bra and glamorous panties included. This color of underwear is perfect for an elegant dress every day or for evening meetings. Depending on the style of the dress and neckline, you should choose the right bra model. Such a set is a must in the wardrobe of every woman, it works everywhere and under any clothes. Even the simplest classic model of a bra and panties gains in appearance and elegance if it is in the same shade of black. As in the case of colors, as I mentioned at the beginning, it is very important that such a set is well-matched to the figure, so that the bra supports the breasts at the right height, so that the circumference is not too loose, because then the breasts fall and the spell of the creation breaks. A similar situation is with the bowls, they should encircle the entire breast, not cut through, and not overflow from the bowls. A very important element is the underwire in the cups and the appropriate width of the fastener and straps.
In addition to a black set of underwear, a woman's wardrobe should also include natural-colored, i.e. beige, underwear. Such a set will turn out to be very useful when we have a white or light dress, and then by putting on such a set in a nude color, we protect ourselves against showing the color on the outside. Such a set is almost a must, it always works and everywhere, without contrasting with clothes, it is almost a second skin.
The most universal type of bra that every woman should have is a balconette. Thanks to its horizontal structure, it can be worn under dresses or blouses with a larger neckline or with a v-neck. The balconette is perfect for dresses with bare shoulders, because it has detachable shoulder straps and the inside of the bra has a silicon embedded in the circumference, which will keep the breasts at the right height and prevent them from sliding or falling.
Thanks to the cut that the balconette has, the underwear does not even stick out from under well-cut blouses or dresses. Such a model of a bra, due to its design, effectively enhances the bust, strongly lifting it up and thus nicely exposing the neckline.

In every woman's wardrobe, thongs and snapped brazilianas as well as retro-style high-waisted panties that mask female imperfections, hide the belly and sides that are so disliked by women. Such a model of panties at the back seamless works great under fitted dresses or pants. This model of panties so disliked by men is loved by women, which means that by concealing the imperfections of the figure, it gives women a sense of confidence and elegance. In turn, thongs, very sexy panties are perfect not only during meetings for two, but also every day, because they nicely shape the bottom and emphasize the buttocks, especially when we put on matching pants or skirts, an additional advantage is the belt that is located between the buttocks, it is invisible from under your clothes.

In addition to the bras and types of panties presented by me, every woman should have slimming underwear in her wardrobe, including a body with a bra or high-waisted panties. This type of underwear will be useful especially when we want to wear our favorite dress for an evening meeting and our silhouette should look perfect. The only important thing is the appropriately selected size, which should be smaller than our size that we wear every day.

To sum up, every woman, in addition to outerwear, should take care of well-chosen sets of underwear in the base colors, i.e. black and beige, and for lovers of white, to look perfect, effective and elegant in the outer clothes they wear. use cookies