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Types and designs of bras

Types and designs of bras

Types and designs of bras

Balconette is a bra made of high quality materials. Most often it is a bra purchased by Ladies for wedding dresses or strapless dresses. Balconette has removable straps and an additional advantage. It is a bra that has a high bridge between the underwire breasts and pockets in the cups that have inserts model and enhance smaller bust. The cups do not cover the entire breasts. Appropriate vertical cuts raise the breasts. Each of the ladies should have in this wardrobe this bra model.

Bra Pus-up are bras for smaller breasts. These bras have underwires and a low bridge between the breasts, are built below on the side, additionally removable straps, adjustable. They are more cut under the armpit. Cups can be gel ones that enlarge a smaller bust or with inserts that check asymmetry. Push-up from the inside are lined with cotton. The sides are made of lace. Effective in appearance.

Balconette is a type of bra that has a deeper cup in the case of a stiffened one. It also occurs in the soft or sofas. It has underwires and appropriate cuts that nicely display the bust by lifting it up. The strap in the balconette is detachable which allows us to put it under blouses with bare shoulders. From the outside, it is connected to the lace from the inside, while lined with cotton. The balcony does not cover the entire breast, reveals the upper part.

Another model is the Semi soft bra, which is semi-rigid, which has underwires. The lower part of the bra is lined with a corset upper, soft, decorated with a decorative lace with a floral motif. A high bridge between the breasts on the side, high built-up. mountains rounding him. The cups cover the whole breasts. It is recommended for women with larger breasts.

Non-wired bras are usually soft bras and padded. A non-wired bra does not support the bust well like a bra with underwires. It is comfortable, however, it does not compress the breasts, it is lightweight. Non-wired bras are addressed to women with smaller and medium bust. They are also suitable for Amazons .

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