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Summer bras, trends for this year season!

Summer bras, trends for this year season!

This year's summer collections will bring lightness to our wardrobe so that we can feel the atmosphere of summer. We say NO to boredom! There will be plenty of decorative lace with floral motifs and imitating a tattoo. The advantage of soft or soft bras which, like a woman's body, are winning with strongly stiffened constructions. Fashionable underwear for summer focuses on pastel and more subdued colors. Ecru comes back to favor, beige white.


Summer, warmth, and sun are approaching rapidly, each of us then gains a lot of energy. We get rid of thicker gray clothes and change to light, ethereal colors. And that's exactly what we do with lingerie. We reach for soft or semi-padded bras that will provide us with comfort, wearing comfort, and an attractive appearance.


A soft underwired bra is most often made of lace or not too thick fabric, it is light, airy, perfect for hot summer days. In this bra, you will avoid overheating of the breast. In this summer season bras decorated with fine floral embroidery in pastel, purple yellow, and green colors are very fashionable. Make sure that they do not run out of your wardrobe. Soft bras are addressed primarily to women with larger or larger breasts. These bras have vertical and horizontal cuts that collect the breasts inside and a well-chosen circumference holds them at the right height. They are usually highly built-up from the side, thanks to which they perfectly mask female imperfections and are additionally reinforced with a side underwire, which ensures breast stabilization.


Many ladies prefer bras in various colors ranging from pastel to more intense. However, there is a group of women who love classic and underwear in base colors such as black, beige, and white. These bras are very elegant especially when we talk about black and are suitable for everyday use, as well as under evening dresses. A very practical color is beige, which occurs in various shades so that each of the ladies can choose their skin type individually. It is important that the bra is made of high-quality delicate lace and materials so that it does not cause discomfort to wear and avoid abrasions in the case of larger breasts. In the summer, soft bras are great. Not all ladies like softs, but semi softs are an alternative that will also work in the summer heat. Their characteristic feature is the cups lined in the lower part with a corset insert, i.e. a soft sponge, and in the upper part they are usually finished with lace or embroidery with various floral or plant motifs. Thin and semi-rigid bras of soft fabrics are the perfect summer proposition for every woman who values ​​freedom. Regardless of which of these models we choose, the most important thing is to feel feminine, effective, and comfortable.


The spacer is an English word, it means a special material from which bra cups are cut. It is an air-permeable foam, very light and pleasant for a feminine delicate body. Thanks to this, the breasts in such a bra will be perfectly smooth. Bra spacer is nothing but a seamless bra with themed stiff ventilated cups without cuts. These types of bras are light and dry very quickly and are great during the summer heat, whether under a blouse, T-shirt, or holiday.

 An airy dress. Dress. Bra spacer arranges the bust naturally, is invisible from under the clothes, and will satisfy the most demanding woman. use cookies