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How to choose the right bra model for large breasts?

How to choose the right bra model for large breasts?

Most women believe that large breasts are a big problem when choosing a bra. This does not have to be the case and it is not, because nowadays underwear manufacturers offer a very wide range of underwear in large breast sizes. It is important that a bra for larger breasts is properly selected for the size. This is very important for health and aesthetic reasons. A well-chosen bra will emphasize your strengths.

How to read the bra size?

The bra has its own size consisting of a number that indicates the size under the bust, that is, the circumference, and a letter that indicates the size of the cup. And as I mentioned before, it is important to determine the size, because, with a large breast, a wrong size can affect your health and comfort. An improperly selected bra can also deform the bust and be very uncomfortable during use. That is why it is worth investing in a well-chosen bra. The circumference and size of the bust, i.e. the letter and the number, must go hand in hand to determine the size and fit the structure of the female body. The selection of a bra for large breasts should begin with determining the size in the circumference, i.e. under the bust. This is very important as the girth is 80% of the weight supporting the breast. A well-chosen bra creates a straight line in the circumference, it does not go up. It should be properly fastened with the first hook and have some slack for one finger. Another very important thing is to choose the right bowl so that the breasts do not spill out of the cups and that the bowl does not divide them. In a well-chosen bra, the underwire should encircle the entire breast and go towards the middle of the armpit, and the sternum should fit perfectly between the breasts and the mediastinum. The appropriate width of the shoulder straps is also important, as they support the bust in 20%, The straps on the large breasts should not be thin, because they will curl on the shoulders and leave painful abrasions, dents and redness.

Large breast bra

Bras for women with large breasts are not only those unfashionable, ugly models associated with our mothers or grandmothers. Among women with large breasts, there is a belief that women should limit themselves to padded bras only. This is not true, because a padded bra will further enlarge the already large bust. The proposal here will be soft bras, i.e. soft bras made of lace, which with a properly built-up bowl and appropriate high buildings plus underwires will keep the bust at the right height as well. An additional advantage of soft bras is that they visually reduce a large female bust. In the case of large breasts, apart from soft bras, the semi-padded bras, which are built high on the side and reinforced with an additional side underwire, are equally good. They have two vertical cuts that lift the breasts up and vertical cuts that push the breasts inwards. Another suitable bra is a side panel bra which further pushes the breasts inwards and is an additional reinforcement for large breasts. Women with large breasts should not only have a well-chosen bra for everyday use, but also for women who like to play sports, a good sports bra is very important. It should be built high, with well-profiled bowls, with an additional cross clasp on the back, so that, for example, when jumping up, the breasts should be secured so that they do not form eights, that is, they do not bump against each other. It is very painful for a woman and uncomfortable. It often happens that women with larger breasts, who cannot find their size, decide on too small cups and too large circumferences, and such a bra will not provide adequate support for the breasts. And so, dear ladies, large breasts are not a problem in themselves, but a badly selected bra is. Put yourself in the hands of a professional braffiter who will suggest the appropriate size and model use cookies