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How to choose a bra?

How to choose a bra?

How to choose a bra? What size should you choose?

It is estimated that only 20% of women wear a well-fitting bra. As a rule, women complain that:

- it's uncomfortable
- breasts do not look good

This problem affects many women.
We often ask ourselves this question: how to choose the right bra? Am I wearing the right size?
Well, many women wear the wrong size, often too large in circumference and with too small cups. What it comes from? Well, my dear Lord, from our ignorance.

Choosing a bra is an important matter for every woman, and a well-chosen bra is the foundation of a beautiful figure. It is important to choose the right type of bra for our figure and shape of the breast. The right bra is freedom of movement and a shapely figure. Thanks to a well-chosen bra you will feel good and attractive - just as you deserve. Bra should not only be nice, but also comfortable and perfectly fitted.

What to look for when choosing a bra:

The first step is to measure yourself under the bust and in the bust. It is important that when measuring the bra, the circumference was not too wide, which, unfortunately, is the most common mistake of women, because the circumference supports our breasts in 80 percent. Too small cups are the second common mistake, which results in unsightly folds.

Always after choosing a bra, you should put on a matching T-shirt to see if it fits nicely on the bust and looks good under it. Let's remember that the bra is our second skin, we must feel comfortable in it during use.

Another question how to recognize whether the bra circumference is not too tight or too loose? I answer!
A well-fitted bra is when we only fit two fingers under the circumference. The size of the bra under the bust must be chosen so that the bra adheres to our body at the same height at the back and front. The circumference must be tight enough so that after placing the breast in the cups and after pulling the straps, the fastening on the back does not come up and the bust on the front does not fall on the stomach. If so, it means that we have a well-chosen size under the bust. The back of the bra should be in a straight line. If it forms an arc and goes up, it means the circumference is too big. Bras are generally made of elastic material that will stretch over time. Therefore, it is important at the time of measurement to fasten the outer hook, i.e. in the widest circumference, so that when the bra begins to stretch, it is possible to reduce the circumference. The bra should not move up or down, and the breasts should be placed comfortably in a bowl, they cannot flow out when bending down, do not stand out and so-called bowls should not form above the bowls. buns, because it will indicate that the bra is too small. In turn, the underwire is to surround the entire breast, the sternum is adjacent to the chest. Each classic bra should be marked with the size under the bust and the size of the cups, e.g. 75D, 80C. This number is the size under the bust and the letter is the cup size. Most women, however, believe that the size is a bowl B, C etc. Nothing wrong because the letter without a number, i.e. the circumference does not mean size.

We also use the same principles when choosing bras for nursing mothers.

A well-chosen bra emphasizes femininity and gives sexuality. Correctly selected bra size makes the bust slightly raised, rounded naturally, slimmer waist, and thus improves, above all, comfort, our mood and our appearance. The health aspect is also important with big breasts, proper support of the bust by the bra and good circumference has a positive effect on relieving the spine and breast firmness.

It is also important that the bra should be washed at the appropriate temperature of about 40 degrees. Hand washing is recommended to ensure a longer life.

With such a well-chosen bra, we set off, dear Lord, to conquer the world!

Published Date: 13-01-2019
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