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How to choose a fashionable swimsuit for your body shape?

How to choose a fashionable swimsuit for your body shape?

Are you buying a swimsuit? Wondering how it will be suitable for your figure? Lingerie stores offer many styles, styles, and a wide range of colors and patterns for swimsuits. In addition, many stores offer the opportunity to separately buy a bathing bra and figs, so you can properly adjust to your body shape.

Fashionable swimwear
What swimsuits are fashionable at the moment? Trends in this field of fashion do not change as quickly as in the case of clothing or footwear. The hottest cuts of costumes are still two-part classic, with frills, with floral, exotic motifs, stripes, or one-color. There are many possibilities. If you do not feel comfortable in a two-part, because you do not like to show your body very much, reach for a classic or one-piece costume with cut-outs, drapes on the stomach, more or less built-up, smooth in patterns or with applications. The possibilities are many, as in the case of two-piece costumes. When choosing an outfit, you should be guided primarily by the size and here you should be careful not to choose too large, because it may fall when swimming, and too small will make you feel uncomfortable, because the breasts will fall out of the bowls during movement, and panties will stick into the body. Another important thing is balance so that the top and bottom of the swimsuit are balanced. Thanks to this, the figure will look proportionate.
What is the right outfit for the profile?

To choose the right outfit for your figure, you must first know the type of your figure, in order to emphasize the shape of your own figure and mask any imperfections. This will make it easier to choose a suit that suits you best and add confidence. It is also important to spend a long time thinking about your choice and not shopping under the influence of emotions. The female body is considered the ideal of beauty, regardless of its size.

Column profile

If you have a slim figure, small breasts and long legs, then you can choose in dresses, cuts and designs, from sensual bikini to one-piece. For this figure, I suggest V-shaped panties with ties on the sides that emphasize and display a shapely waist and slender, long legs. However, small breasts can be enlarged by push-ups or frills.

Apple body

For women who have large breasts and a larger tummy, with a clear conscience, I recommend one-piece outfits with fine patterns or one-color. When it comes to two-piece outfits, high-waisted panties, which mask female imperfections, are talking about the protruding tummy and sides. Ladies with round shapes most often reach for black swimwear, but it doesn't have to be that way, because subdued, pastel colors will add charm and you'll feel confident and beautiful. In addition, to feel comfortable in your outfit, pareo tied at your hips or crocheted tunics will work wonders.

Snickered profile

In contrast, for women who have an hourglass-type figure, i.e. a figure with outlined bust and hips and a narrow waist, bras tied around the neck work very well, which emphasizes and marks the bust and panties tied on the sides with strings or ribbons.

Pear profile

For women with a pear figure, that is, for ladies with a large bottom, narrow waist, and small or medium bust, it is very important to choose the right balance when choosing a swimsuit to balance the figure. The outfit for such a figure should emphasize the waist. And here when choosing an outfit, put on high-waisted or V-shaped panties that will make your legs look much longer and slimmer. For this, it is worth optically enlarge the bust, choosing a bra with applications, lacing or frills, or with drapes on the neckline. use cookies