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Corsets as an element of women's underwear in the past and today

Corsets as an element of women's underwear in the past and today
Corset is one of the oldest and most famous elements of women's underwear, it symbolizes elegance, sensuality as well as achieving a very feminine figure. The corset, like the bra, has a rich history and a past full of changes. As an element of personal underwear, the corset was and is worn underneath clothes in order to shape and slim the figure at the waist. It was worn under the bust or over it, with or without garters. For several centuries, the corset was a very important element of women's underwear, an attribute of a well-born, wealthy and raised woman. The corset rejuvenated and emphasized the physical attractiveness.
Corsets - the pinnacle of elegance and a tool of torture

For many centuries, women deformed their bodies with a corset. Its purpose was to provide a straight back line, waistline and breast enhancement. Corsets were also called laces. These laces pressed against internal organs that moved, and made breathing difficult. However, lingerie salons had their own rights, women lost their common sense, squeezed very tightly to achieve the best results, at the same time damaging their health, in a word, reason lost to the prevailing fashion. The silhouette of the woman changed depending on the prevailing fashion. At the beginning of the 18th century, the bust was strongly extended forward, and the back was strongly straightened, in the mid-19th century the back was bowed, and at the turn of the 20th century, the S silhouette was in fashion, where the bust was forward, the back relatively straight, and the hips protruding back.

Why corsets?

In the old days, corsets, as I have already mentioned, were supposed to slim the figure at the waist as much as possible, push the breast forward, and at the same time were harmful to health, and were worn by well-bred and born women. Nowadays, corsets have extraordinary power, they shape the figure and help in obtaining the figure they dream about. A properly selected corset can mask flaws and imperfections, figures, hide folds and a protruding belly. The corset perfectly shapes the lines of the waist, lifts the bust up and does not harm your health, it all makes the body look appetizing, aesthetic and sexy. Corsets are not such a popular item of clothing these days, which is a pity, because they bring great benefits and the apparent discomfort is very little. Corsets are addressed primarily to women who want to fit into their favorite dress, but do not like or do not have time to exercise. The corset is not so badly associated nowadays as a torture device, it looks very effective and brings the expected results.
What gives us a corset?

Often women are convinced that corsets are intended only for plump women, nothing could be more wrong, because every woman, regardless of size, should put it on at least once in her life. The question is why? It has been proven that women wearing a corset, apart from feeling thinner and having an upright figure and gait, are more self-confident, more attractive, sexy and more open in interpersonal relationships. It is very important in all this that the corset is properly selected, not too small, not too big. The lingerie market is so widely developed that it certainly provides us with access to corsets adapted to age, style and color preferences. There are several corset options so that every woman will find the right one for herself. One of them is a corset under the bust, fastened at the front or at the back with hooks that fit any type of figure, the waist is then reduced by a few centimeters, a flattened belly and strongly pushed breasts. use cookies