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Bra styles. How to choose the right model?

Bra styles. How to choose the right model?

Each of the woman faces a dilemma at least three times a year, choosing a bra is not a simple matter. Currently, the lingerie market includes styles, styles, materials, colors, and designs. And here the question arises, what type of bra will be suitable for our breasts.

Bra styles

Most of us focus on size before buying a bra, and this is not the most important thing. The most important is the cut of the bra. Bra style should be tailored to the shape and size of the breast, to the condition of the bust, and the clothes we wear or various occasions. We need to decide what effect we want to achieve and choose the right cut of the bra.

Full bra

A bra with a full deep bowl surrounds the entire breast. Appropriate vertical and horizontal cuts push the breasts inside and lift them up, giving them a perfectly round and feminine shape. This cut of the bra is addressed to women because with larger breasts, such a bust requires proper support and control. Deep bowls will work even in such a case when our bust is in poor condition. The bra is very comfortable and is perfect for everyday use. However, if we like deeper necklines, this bra is definitely not recommended, because it does not work.

V-neck bra

These are bras with a very low bridge. This style of bra is worn under clothes with a deeper neckline resembling the letter V. It nicely brings the breasts inwards, lifts them up, shaping a nice path between the breasts, which is why it works great with dresses or low-cut blouses.

Bra with side gathering panel

It's a bra model that appears in various styles and has additional amenities. The cups of such a bra are characterized by the fact that they have one part more, i.e. the so-called side panel, which is located on the side of the cup from the side of the shoulder and is used to gather the breast inward. In particular, it is perfect for women who have a tendency to spread their breasts sideways.


This is one of the most popular types of bra. It is medium built, its upper line is approaching the level. Balconettes are most often worn on a wider neckline, but not very deep because they have a high bridge. This model of the bra does not cover the breasts completely and does not reveal them strongly. However, it nicely raises the breasts up.

Balconette (strapless)

These are bras with removable straps that keep the bust at the right height thanks to the silicone straps sewn in from the inside of the bra. Strap less, however, has a lowered bridge and is strapless, which is why it works well under dresses or blouses with a deeper neckline, for wedding or evening dresses. Strap less, moreover, it has sewn feet in the bowls from the inside, and thanks to this it will even support heavy breasts. Is a leader among bras colloquially called "strapless."

Bra with an extended cut

This type of bra is distinguished by a very wide, extended downwards bra belt. He is liked and appreciated by women who prefer the retro style. It has built-in vertical stiffeners under the cups and on the sides to prevent material from curling. At the same time, it models the upper part. Silhouettes under the bust. It has any bowl shape, it can be from push-ups to smaller breasts.

Low-rise bra
The low-built bra is a fashion revealing and exposing breasts. The sternum is usually slightly lowered to allow a deeper neckline to be worn. They come in a soft and stiffened version, they can be worn for deeper necklines. Bra shapes the bust into shapely balls, while strongly lifting it. The cups of this model are sewn from several parts connected by vertical seams.

There are many styles of bras, it is important that each of us individually chooses the right model and size to suit your figure. use cookies