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Autumn novelties, i.e. trends for new season

 Autumn novelties, i.e. trends for new season
Autumn is fast approaching and therefore our well-being is changing, and we are eager to change colors in both clothing and underwear. We associate autumn with the colors of the leaves: golden, brown, maroon, and red. To better cope with the decline in form and the pessimistic vision of a long winter, we willingly choose to wear vivid, warm colors, which in turn makes us feel happy. And since well-being is important from the very morning, it is worth starting with wearing nice underwear that will make you optimistic and cheerful for the whole day.
The first proposition for fall will be lace underwear in a juicy red color, so much liked by men. Red color ignites the senses, is one of the warm colors, accelerates breathing, arouses desire, triggers positive emotions, symbolizes love. A red lace bra on a sofa, i.e. a soft one, will emphasize your bust. Appropriate vertical and horizontal cuts will raise the bust to the right height, collect the breasts inside, and give them a natural round shape. Additionally, in combination with classic briefs or for ladies who like skimpy thongs, they will create an effective set for everyday use and for evenings for two. Autumn is also a range of autumn browns and beiges for women who are delicate and soulful. A natural meringue bra set with figs will be perfect under bright clothes because it will be invisible. Here, too, it will be perfect in the soft version, but it can also be used in the semi-soft, i.e. half-stiffened version. This model in the bowls has a sewn-in corset insert made of foam and therefore a well-chosen one hides the nipples that will be invisible under the clothes. This warm, cozy canon also includes pleasant color blends, because autumn also includes chocolate colors and shades of brown or vanilla. In such patterns, every woman will be perfect, regardless of the type of beauty. This color can be worn under dark everyday work clothes. Another fall color is immortal black, which is adored by ladies because it is very elegant and glamorous, suitable for everyday wear and evening dresses. Such a set combined with a belt and stockings will make the evening pleasant for partners.
In this autumn season, one of the strongest trends worth paying attention to is the combination of black with the nude color palette, often nude beige or very light powder pink with black in the form of embroidery, lace, or transparent mesh. Such combinations are extremely effective and in combination with figs combined in the same pattern, it creates an elegant set that will surely delight every woman.
Another proposal for autumn 2020 is embroidered bras, considered to be one of the most elegant. They present embroidery with floral and plant motifs in one or two colors. Patterns are presented on delicate transparent nets. The cups are usually finished with a thin atlas ribbon, which adds style and elegant finish. This type of bra will surely satisfy the most demanding ladies. In the color of dirty powder pink or wine red, this embroidered bra hit 2020 will attract the attention of many men. Another hit eagerly purchased by ladies is a bra that will please the owners of larger and smaller breasts. It is a bra, the top of the neckline is decorated with thin stripes connected on around hook of silver or gold color, which will reveal themselves in blouses with a deeper cut.

Another hit is the stroll bra that is loved by women and comes in a variety of colors. It's like a mist, you can wear it all day, it's very comfortable. It is a back bra, the cups are thermally modeled with anatomical shape. It is smooth without cuts, lace, or decorations. The walk gives the breasts a natural shape. It has seamless cups, is light, and very soft to the touch. The spacer foam is a delicate 3D fabric consisting of three layers of permanently connected materials. The outer fabric layers allow air and moisture to circulate, which allows air to circulate freely. use cookies