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Advantages of bamboo underwear

Advantages of bamboo underwear

Traditional Bamboo Lingerie

In the current times, allergies are a civilization disease. Unhealthy nutrition, air pollution, antibiotics cause frequent allergies which are manifested by redness of the skin and various types of skin eruptions and are very bothersome. To prevent these allergies and alleviate the discomfort associated with itching, first of all you should change your diet and then ensure your underwear hypoallergenic fibers that will provide us with comfort and protection for our skin. I'm talking about bamboo underwear.

Bamboo fiber fabric has a number of properties, including thermoregulatory, i.e. during hot days, bamboo fiber is cooler by a few degrees from the surroundings and thus cools our body. Bamboo viscose absorbs moisture very well, has micro-holes that facilitate air flow, and additionally has antibacterial properties , antifungal and bacteriostatic. It is very soft and skin friendly.
Delicate and light bamboo products are often purchased recently.
Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, it effectively absorbs moisture, which is why bamboo fiber is irreplaceable in the production of socks, pants, t-shirts or insoles.
Such bamboo underwear does not have a healing effect, but helps in the fight against unpleasant smell for which bacteria are responsible. In addition, it absorbs moisture and has good ventilation of the intimate areas and feet, and therefore inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. This ensures comfort throughout the day and ensures maximum hygiene.
Bamboo panties are an offer for all women who focus on ecology and limit the purchase of synthetic products.
Apparently, bamboo panties are no different from traditional cotton panties. it is only during use that the differences become apparent. Bamboo panties are not only comfort, but also hygiene. Bamboo fiber panties are extremely comfortable to wear, they owe their uniqueness to bamboo fibers, which can be compared with cashmere or silk due to their softness and smoothness. The elasticity of bamboo fibers makes the panties fit perfectly to the body and leave no marks on the skin and are invisible from under fitted clothing.
Bamboo panties are about four times more absorbent than traditional cotton underwear and allow you to maintain comfort on a daily basis as well as at times when a woman struggles with intimate problems. Bamboo panties equalize the temperature difference and absorb moisture. It is thanks to the bamboo fiber that first absorbs sweat and then evaporates it, thus maintaining comfort during use.

As in the case of panties, the biggest advantage of socks is the high content of high-quality bamboo yarn that provides thermal properties. Socks are great at both high and low temperatures because the presence of bamboo ensures very fast moisture transport and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.
Similarly, bamboo T-shirts ensure comfort of use because thanks to the micro holes they facilitate the flow of air, the body does not perspire, breathes and stays fresh. Bamboo fiber jerseys are pleasant to the touch, smooth and suitable for delicate skin. They have a natural look and have a positive effect on our well-being.
In order to maintain the longest possible life and optimal care, we recommend washing bamboo fiber underwear at a maximum of 40 degrees. This underwear does not need to be ironed and dried in tumble driers or also chemically cleaned.
To achieve full comfort and preserve freshness and hygiene, and above all for our health, I encourage you to purchase bamboo underwear. use cookies