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A badly fitted bra - the most important signs

A badly fitted bra - the most important signs

More than half of women wear a wrong-fitting bra.

The data speak for themselves. Having a badly fitted bra, usually after returning home after a hard day, we take it off ourselves and begin to feel better and comfortable. This shows that when buying a bra, we did not buy the right model and that the size is incorrectly chosen.

Living nowadays, we are lucky, unlike our mothers or grandmothers, that there is easy access and many possibilities to be in possession of a comfortable and well-fitted bra. Let's remember that a bra is a second skin for every woman.

5 signs that your bra is not fitted properly

  • First of all, a very important thing about the bra is its circumference, which in 80% supports the bust at the right height and makes the bust sits firmly and does not fall on the stomach. In addition, it lifts the bust up and pushes it forward. In 20% of the straps they only support it. The circumference should fit tightly to the body. Remember when buying a bra to attach it to the first hook, so that you can fit two fingers under the perimeter. And then we will be sure that the bra's circumference is not too loose or too tight. During use, the bra in the perimeter stretches and adjusts to the body, and as I mentioned before, it should be fastened on the day of purchase with the first hook, so that when it is stretched it can be fastened with the next hook to keep the correct size in the circumference.
  • Another very important element is the underwire, which should surround the entire breast and rest on the ribs and remain in line with the center of the armpits. Thanks to this, breasts freely fill bra cups, they will not be pressed, and your sense of comfort will be guaranteed.
  • Another signal that the bra is badly fitted is the protruding sternum from the mediastinum. If the bra does not perfectly adhere to the breastbone, it means that the circumference is too loose or the bra design is not suitable for your breasts.
  • As I mentioned, the circumference supports the bust in 80%, not the straps because they only support. Choosing a bra from behind a loose circumference, we try to make up for straps by shortening them to support the breast. And here I warn against this, because too tight straps cause abrasions and permanent depressions on the shoulders, which leave scars and wearing a bra becomes uncomfortable. In addition, straps often slide off the shoulders, which is very bothersome. The width of the straps is also very important, they should be adjusted to the size of the bust, i.e. for larger breasts should be wide straps, while smaller ones should be thin.

A well-chosen bra is half the battle!

  • Bra should be adjusted to the shape of the breast and it is also very important, because for larger breasts I recommend soft or semi-stiffened bras. Such a bra should have vertical cuts that lift the bust up and a horizontal cut that pushes the breasts inside, lifting it to the right height and giving it a nice round natural shape. In such bras, the bowls are deep and will hide the entire breast, and the underwire will support at the right height. These bras are stiffened at the bottom, decorated with delicate floral motif at the top. For ladies who do not like to emphasize their bust, I recommend a soft bra, i.e. soft bra made of transparent lace lined with a delicate material. Such bras are extremely sexy and very feminine.

To sum up, the bra is an extremely important element of a woman's wardrobe, properly selected models our figure, improves the appearance, in the case of larger breasts it relieves the cervical spine. If you have a problem with a proper fit bra, go to the bra advice that will help you determine the size. Remember that not every woman can wear the same model, because each of us has a different breast shape. Some of us look nice in balconies, others in soft ones. The most important is a properly selected bra. use cookies