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Bras and underwear for Amazons

 Bras and underwear for Amazons

October is the month of the pink ribbon. It is a very important month for every woman who has faced breast cancer. This is a time that should force us, healthy women, to reflect on the problems of the Amazons, and encourage frequent preventive examinations. Bra and underwear, which are designed with Amazons in mind, make every woman feel attractive after the surgery. Are you an Amazon and are looking for the right bra and underwear for you? Fortunately, nowadays manufacturers offer a wide range for the Amazons. These include bras, prosthetic corsets, breast prostheses, nightwear, and swimwear.

What bra for Amazons?

Choosing the right bra is extremely important from the point of view of everyday comfort of use. When choosing a bra for Amazons, it is very important to take into account several important issues that will ensure comfortable use of the breast prosthesis every day. If you are the owner of a larger size bust, then when buying, make sure that the bra has wider straps to ensure better relief of the spine and reduce the likelihood of lymphoma. In addition, it is important that most bras do not have underwires, thus they increase the comfort of use, do not cause skin irritation, do not rub, and do not leave marks on the skin and on the breast, which is very sensitive after surgery. Another important thing is what material the denture pockets are made of, which are sewn into the bra bowls, it is important that they are made of cotton or a delicate thin microfiber that provides air circulation. Made of artificial materials cause skin abrasions, lead to chafing and the skin may sweat. On the lingerie market addressed to the Amazons, you can find bras made of fabrics that are characterized by high air circulation, such bras have an open mesh structure, so that the skin will breathe, will not sweat under the denture.

How to choose a bra after mastectomy?

Comfort in wearing a bra after mastectomy depends on choosing the right model, which in turn depends on the woman's current health. Another model is recommended for women with larger breasts, and another, with lymph nodes additionally removed. It is very important to measure the circumference under the bust so that the measuring tape is looser and does not cut into the body and the circumference of the bust so that it freely embraces the nipple. The size of the bowl is determined on the basis of the difference between the circumference and the dimensions under the bust. Bra after mastectomy should not compress, but also it can not be too loose. Bras for Amazons are designed in such a way as to ensure a woman's comfort. Visually, bras resemble the full cup. Manufacturers in particular emphasize that bras are soft, comfortable and do not compress the body. Such bras are lined with a wideband under the bust, which helps in supporting the prosthesis and is equipped with special pockets in the cups in which the inserts imitating breasts are placed.
Swimwear - Amazons.

A woman after mastectomy does not have to hide from the world and keep herself sick, she should, like all other women, enjoy outdoor meetings, take sun and water baths. And for you dear ladies, fashionable and very feminine swimsuits, two-piece and one-piece are offered by manufacturers. They are usually made of quick-drying fabrics. Delicate to the skin and pleasant to the touch material, as well as vivid and fashionable colors, it will make your free moments spent in the sun, by the water more pleasant and allow you to distance yourself from unpleasant memories of the disease. I recommend swimwear with a more built-up neckline that securely supports the prosthesis and allows the scars to be covered and with adjustable straps to adapt to the figure and more built-in under the arm that holds the body securely and is comfortable. use cookies