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Padded or soft bra? Which one to choose?

Padded or soft bra? Which one to choose?

Among the many models of bras that are offered to us by manufacturers and stores with lingerie, the most popular and most frequently purchased by women is a padded bra. Soft bras also have their supporters and it is a bra without fillings, stiffeners. It is made of delicate fabrics most often of lace. This model also thanks the right cuts perfectly lifts the bust and effectively exposes it. I will try to briefly characterize and explain to which women these two models of bras are intended.

Padded bra - its purpose and advantages

A padded bra called padded bra is a type of bra that has a reinforced structure. It is designed to support the bust at the right height and shape it. It is characterized by the fact that it has different styles


-strap less (strapless is for bare shoulders)
-plunge (for dresses with a deeper neckline)
This bra model has stiffened cups that effectively cover the nipples, thanks to which they become invisible from under dresses or blouses and thus provide women with comfort in everyday use. A larger group of women thinks that a padded bra enlarges the bust and raises it up like a push-up, which is designed for small breasts.

Most often, stiffened bras have cups filled with corsetry insert or foam. Seamless cups of stiffened bra more emphasize breasts, giving them abundance. This model of the bra is addressed to women who want their bust to be optically larger and raised high naturally. Thermally formed bras are usually smooth without lace decorations and thus are not visible from under the blouse. For ladies who have a medium-sized bust, a padded bra is a very good choice because it gives the breasts a natural round shape and enlarges it optically, exposing femininity. Some stiffened bras have pockets in the insert cups that correct differences in breast size and are perfect when a woman has asymmetries. Stiffened bras work worse with larger and smaller breasts, because the generous bust can spill out of the bowls and is deformed, and with small breasts, the cups stand out.

What clothes should I wear a padded bra for?

Models of plain stiffened bras can be easily put under a matching smooth T-shirt or formal shirts worn for work because the seams are invisible from under the blouse. In contrast, a stiffened bra plunge with a lowered bridge beaver collecting breasts inside is perfect for evening creations.

Soft bra - for what group of women?

As I mentioned earlier, soft bras are bras that do not have any fillings or additional inserts. Soft bras are made of delicate fabrics or entirely of transparent lace with floral motifs, have appropriate vertical cuts that lift the bust and horizontal, which push the breasts inside, arranging them naturally. Despite the lack of stiffening, soft cups and appropriate construction stabilize the bust and emphasize it beautifully. Additional support is underwire sewn into the bottom of the cups and side underwire and wide straps. Soft bras are popular among women with larger and very large breasts because they do not enlarge it, and optically reduce it, thanks to the well-built construction they support it stably. Made of high-quality materials, they are very comfortable, they do not stick or leave marks on the body. In addition to good support, they provide elegant look and comfort. They work perfectly during the summer heat, which is very important with copious breasts. The offer of soft bras is extensive, starting with openwork translucent bras decorated with lace, embroidery to the plain with lace inserts. For everyday wear, I recommend soft plain bras that will not pierce, but more decorated for romantic evenings for two. If we remember to make sure that our bra is well-matched to our size, then it may turn out that both a soft bra and both stiffened, it will be perfect, and we will feel comfortable and effective. use cookies